quarta-feira, janeiro 21, 2004


«Manhood» excertos
by Kevin Rowland

I feel rejection everywhere
Even when it is not there
And I admit, my God, I’m scared!
Although I hated myself
I also feel that I
I have to shine now somehow
Are you always feeling guilty?
I’m so scared that I plan my every mood…
But will I always be the stranger at the door?
I tried to love recently
I found I’m sick emotionally
What come out from my heart...
I didn’t know what to do...
I don´t think I can stand that loneliness no more!
Somewhere inside
There might be happiness
But I can seem to get it out
What is that you want to say?
I tried so hard to be a man
If it’s my manhood
Why is it that I can’t stand that loneliness no more?
It seems that if that’s the way my life’s gonna be…
Wait a minute!
I got a choice

-What’s that?